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In case your organization is dedicated to meet the new regulatory obligations and to comply with both requirements of the Code and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you are invited to join the General Assembly by filling in the Online Application Form.

The overall requirement is supporting the EU Cloud Code of Conduct in good faith, which includes being listed as a member on the EU Cloud CoC website and publicly communicating support for the the EU Cloud CoC.

More specifically, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct offers two main membership options.


General Assembly Membership

The General Assembly Membership is open to any Cloud Service Provider (CSP) who fulfils the requirements. There are three sub-options of becoming a General Assembly Member: a full-membership (including voting rights), a membership for medium-sized enterprises (excluding voting rights) and a membership for small-sized enterprises (excluding voting rights). The categorization is liable to the European definition of Small or Medium Sized Enterprise.

General Assembly Supporter

The General Assembly Supporters are any natural or legal entities (non-CSPs) that strive to support the aims of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (e.g. interest groups or associations).

Apply for a Membership in the General Assembly of the Code

Fulfill the provisions of the EU Cloud CoC

Submit the declaration of adherence for services of your choice to the Monitoring Body (SCOPE Europe)

Choose your level of proof of compliance

  • perform a qualified self-assessment plus plausibility check by SCOPE Europe
  • prove your compliance by third party certificates
  • prove your implementation by third party audits

Receive your compliance mark, being listed in the public register