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Successfully completing the EU Cloud CoC assessment carried out by the Monitoring Body is recognized proof that you have implemented crucial cloud-specific safeguards to protect your customers' personal data.


Prove your compliance

Foster trust and demonstrate your compliance with GDPR. Successfully going through the Code's assessment process is recognized proof that you have implemented crucial safeguards to protect your customers' personal data.


Optimize internal procedures

Revamp your day-to-day technical and organizational measures to match GDPR processing standards. The adherence assessment can significantly improve your overall compliance program.


Get a cloud specific solution

Translate GDPR requirements into actionable steps for your cloud service. You'll have clear guidance to ensure ongoing compliance and tackle well-known challenges like the right to audit and sub-processor listing.


Join the ecosystem

The EU Cloud CoC already covers the vast majority of the cloud sector with 1250 services proudly wearing the EU Cloud CoC compliance mark. As a result, the Code has become a golden standard for showcasing compliance.

Keep growing your business while maintaining a strong sense of legal and financial security as as the Code has been approved by the European supervisory authorities and is taylored to cloud services of all sizes and layers


Keep up with standards

Stay up to date with the latest market and regulatory developments. The EU Cloud CoC is continuously aligned with new legal opinions and frameworks.


Guarantee cost effectiveness

The EU Cloud CoC has a distinguished pricing scheme that leverages the interests of different company sizes and aspects of internal governance.


Minimize your legal risk

Mitigate legal uncertainties and significantly reduce the risk of receiving fines. The EU Cloud CoC is created with the input of regulatory authorities and has acquired their explicit approval.


Get continuous solutions

Join the EU Cloud CoC community and benefit from the development of further compliance solutions. Complementary modules are being developed to tackle arising challenges such as international data transfers.

Receiving the compliance mark will help your business to build a good reputation with the supervisory authorities and your customer base


Show your effort

Publicly showcase your company's data protection values and efforts to comply with GDPR. Positive reputational effects are the result of successfully completing the adherence journey.


Make your voice heard

Help shape requirements and potential future chapters. As a full voting general Assembly member, you get the chance to actively contribute to the content creation and governance of the Code.


Achieve public procurements

Increase your chances to succeed in public tenders. The authorities are likely to take all the necessary security steps before conducting business with you. A robust proof of GDPR compliance plays a crucial role in the decision-making processes of public entities.


Expand your customer base

Send a powerful signal to existing and potential new customers. Adhering to the EU Cloud CoC attests to your commitment to providing GDPR-compliant services, which is indispensable for maintaining and expanding your customer base.