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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, if a Cloud Service does not comply with the requirements, you can file a complaint. 

To file a complaint, please, use our online complaint form.

First, make sure you are eligible to file a complaint. Then, please, complete our online complaint form. Second, please, make sure that your complaint contains sufficient information to identify a potentially infringing behaviour of an adherent Cloud Service.

A CSP, a Customer or any other party, such as data subjects, regardless whether such party is a Customer or not of the respective Cloud Service, are eligible to file a complaint.

Provided your complaint is neither excessive nor abusive, you can file a complaint free of costs. 

Yes, there is the possibility to file complaints anonymously. In case you chose to complain anonymously, please, make sure that the information provided is as complete as possible, as the Monitoring Body cannot come back for clarifications or additional information in the event of an anonymous complaint.

For the avoidance of doubt: to file a complaint anonymously means without providing contact information or a name. Notwithstanding and in accordance with applicable law, the Monitoring Body may be required to cooperate with third parties e.g. subject to court orders. Please note, that there is always a risk that based on accumulated information you may still be identified by other means than name or contact details.

To ensure the handling of complaints about infringements of the Code, an ongoing cooperation of the complainant is needed during an appropriate period of time (beginning with the receipt of the request). It is relevant that the complainant is available for the secretariat for further inquiries and to provide all information. The regular period to answer is two weeks. If the complainant does not meet its obligation to cooperate within the appropriate period, the complaint may be dismissed.

For further details, please, refer to the Complaint Procedure.

Complaints are limited in scope to the provisions of the Code. First, complaints have to relate to adherent Cloud Services as being listed in the Public Register. Second, the complaint is limited to Code infringements , i.e. a Cloud Service is not compliant with the requirements as defined by the Code.

If and to the extent your complaint does neither refer to an adherent Cloud Service nor to a requirement of the Code, your complaint will be dismissed.