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How To

To declare a Cloud Service (family) adherent to the EU Cloud CoC, please fill in the following form. 

After submitting your Declaration of Adherence, the Monitoring Body will transfer your declaration into an online ticket and response system by which the further process will be governed. For each Cloud Service (family) declared adherent you will receive a template of the Controls Catalogue (Learn More) and - if it is an initial Declaration of Adherence - general questions regarding your declared services related to the technical and contractual framework.

Pre-requisite of any processing of your Declaration of Adherence is the acceptance of the Declaration of Adherence Agreement and all incorporated files as well as your confirmation thereof.

Please make sure, that there is a contact person available to the Monitoring Body.

EU Cloud CoC - Declaration of Adherence

Type of Membership
CSP related Information
Individuals Information
Invoicing Details
Contact Person
CSA-Related Contact Person
Cloud Service related Information
Public Register Related Information
Legal and Final Provisions
Documents and Agreements