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ISACA Publishes Article on the EU Cloud CoC

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“Code of Conduct: An Effective Tool for GDPR Compliance”

This January, the Head of Compliance & Privacy (Americas & EMEA) at Alibaba Cloud, ShanShan Pa wrote a great overview of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct in an article published by ISACA.

The piece allows the reader to grasp well the Code’s purpose, content, structure and added value to the cloud industry, regulators, and users. Additionally, it serves as a practical and efficient first guidance for privacy practitioners wishing to become familiar with the Code.

Another highly interesting and useful aspect covered by the article is the role and format of the controls catalogue, a crucial component of the EU Cloud CoC which largely facilitates its proper implementation across all cloud service layers.  

According to the author, the Code is a “lighthouse project” which has been meaningfully supporting both privacy practitioners and implementors to efficiently tackle the challenges of today's data protection environment. Aggainst this background, the article also sheds light on the ongoing efforts to further expand the EU Cloud CoC in order to also emcompass international data transfers via a dedicated complementary module.

To read the full article, click here.