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Google Cloud Adresses the Approval of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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As one of the first cloud service providers to declare adherence to the EU Cloud CoC, Google Cloud reacts to the Code’s approval by the Belgian Data Protection Authority in May 2021.

Addressing the approval of the EU Cloud CoC, Google Cloud has rightfully stressed the crucial role of this tool to foster trust within the cloud industry.

According to its recent publication entitled Google Cloud’s contribution to an environment of trust and transparency in Europe, Google stated:

“As part of our continued efforts to uphold that trust, Google Cloud was one of the first cloud providers to support and adopt the EU GDPR Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC). The CoC is a mechanism for cloud providers to demonstrate how they offer sufficient guarantees to implement appropriate technical and organizational measures as data processors under the GDPR”.

“Today the Belgian Data Protection Authority, based on a positive opinion by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), approved the CoC, a product of years of constructive collaboration between the cloud computing community, the European Commission, and European data protection authorities. We are proud to say that Google Cloud Platform and  Google Workspace already adhere to these provisions. This is the first European code approved under the GDPR; it is excellent news for the industry to have a new transparency and accountability tool that helps promote trust in the cloud”.

To read the full publication, please click here