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Huge step made towards Data Protection Compliance

|   EU Cloud CoC

New Version of the Code has been published (May 2017)

Per May 2017 the newest version of the EU Data Protection Code of Conduct for Cloud Service Providers (EU Cloud Code of Conduct) has been published.

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct has now been transferred to the new General Assembly and clarified, that the provisions may not be undermined by any bilateral service agreements. Aside the EU Cloud Code of Conduct strengthened its provisions by declaring a Data Protection Officer for any signee as mandatory.

By the amendments made the EU Cloud Code of Conduct must be recognized as fully compliant under the Data Protection Directive, as the feedback of the Working Party 29 has been incorporated.

By signing the EU Cloud Code of Conduct now, companies may also publicly express their trusted path to GDPR compliance, as the EU Cloud Code of Conduct made its first but crucial steps towards being compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Therefore, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct assigned SCOPE Europe as Monitoring Body.

Such a Monitoring Body is necessary under GDPR to ensure, that Code of Conducts are not used as merely marketing tool. Monitoring Bodies will secure that all signees of Codes of Conduct adhere to the provisions. The GDPR sets out high standards to their independence and professional knowledge in the subject matter. SCOPE Europe is a newly founded subsidiary of Selbstregulierung Informationswirtschaft, who has been a recognized independent Monitoring Body in Germany for years.

Coming weeks and months until May 2018 the Steering Board of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct will address further open questions within the EU Cloud Code of Conduct to safeguard full GDPR compliance by May 2018. Within due time Certification Schemes, detailed and scaled provisions elaborating the current principles of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct as well as Implementation Guidelines will follow.

Join the EU Cloud Code of Conduct now and both unequivocally commit to implementing robust data protection and security policies and take your chance to help further develop the EU Cloud Code of Conduct.