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Salesforce reacts to the official approval of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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The 20th of May 2021 marked a crucial milestone for the privacy and cloud communities in Europe and beyond, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct was officially approved by the Belgian Data Protection Authority.

Reacting to the Code’s approval as well as to the accreditation of SCOPE Europe, Neelie Kroes, Former European Commission Vice-President and Salesforce Board Member, stated:

“We have all seen how important digital technologies, and cloud computing in particular, have been during the COVID pandemic — for work-from-home, remote learning, and vaccine management,” […] “But people and businesses will not use what they can’t trust… I would like to encourage more cloud service providers to get familiar with the Code and consider joining. This way we can create a wide trust ecosystem.”

As a founding member and key contributor to the success of the EU Cloud CoC, Salesforce further reiterate its long-lasting commitment to compliance with global data protection laws and standards.

Click here to read the full article by Linsey Finch, EVP of Global Privacy & Product Legal, Salesforce.