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Webex by Cisco has successfully become adherent to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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A major force within the global cloud environment, Webex by Cisco is now the first collaboration platform declaring adherence to the Code.

In an extremely insightful article to celebrate this milestone, EMEAR Privacy Officer Jelena Kljujic shared some of the core policies and internal procedures that reflect Cisco’s solid and long-lasting commitment to the upholding of high data protection standards.

Cisco’s experience is another testimony of how the EU Cloud CoC can efficiently integrate and add value to even the most comprehensive compliance programs, significantly contributing to their optimization.

Attesting to the unique role of the EU Cloud CoC, the article states:

We will not stop with Webex. We are working on scaling specific EU Cloud CoC controls across our cloud portfolio, building them directly into our development process. This “apply-once-support-many” approach enables an organizational-wide baseline for security, privacy, and compliance, helps reduce friction and audit fatigue across the organization and the market, while continuing to build customer trust.”

To read the full publication, click here.