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EU Cloud CoC

Your Path to Trusted Cloud Services in Europe


You are a Cloud Service Provider and want to know more about Codes of Conduct? Read more about Codes of Conduct in general and the benefits of joining the EU Cloud Code of Conduct.

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Get the Code!

You want to learn more? Here is the full-text of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (under Directive 95/46/EC). We are finalizing the version fully aligned with GDPR and will publish it in due course.

Trust in cloud computing is essential.

Without trust, the technology will not reach its full potential. And at the core to that trust is data protection.  

The EU Data Protection Code of Conduct for cloud service providers contains rigorous assurances for the protection of data in cloud services. Companies and organizations signing up to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (the Code) unequivocally commit to implement robust data protection. The Code’s security policies will stand up to the significant personal data challenges ahead.

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct was released in February 2017 following a close partnership between a cloud selected industry group and the European data protection regulatory bodies. As the deadline approaches for EU Member States to get ready to implement the GDPR, as of 25 May 2018, the EU Cloud CoC is being amended to align with those rules. Hence the companies signing up to the Code send the strongest possible signal of their future GDPR intentions.