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CSPs joining the EU Cloud Code of Conduct General Assembly commit to a robust level of data protection and underpin publicly their efforts to comply with GDPR requirements. Officially approved by the Belgian Data Protection Authority, the Code becomes an official tool to prove compliance to GDPR. 


The Code is independently governed as declarations are overseen by SCOPE Europe, an accredited monitoring body. SCOPE Europe scrutinises cloud services that sign up to the Code and monitors them against the Code, as required by GDPR. 


The Code’s enhanced transparency requirements outline clearly information which must be made available to all customers, including on topics not required by GDPR. By increasing transparency, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct creates an added value to the market. 


The Code covers the full spectrum of cloud services, from Software-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service through to Infrastructure-as-a-Service. It addresses the needs and realties of internationally operating providers and of SMEs at the same time.