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Privacy Notice

The following notes summarise the main aspects on how we collect and process your personal data. They expressly do not claim comprehensiveness. If interested, please read our full Privacy Policy further down.

Logging- and protocol data

Under reference to your full IP-address we collect the following data

  • time and date of your visit
  • amount data being transferred
  • Success / Error of your request (HTTP status)
  • general information about your device, e.g. your Operating System or installed plugins

We delete this information seven (7) days after your visit.

Analytical- and statistical data

Under reference to your anonymized IP-address we collect the following data

  • operating system
  • browser version
  • language settings
  • last website
  • your onsite activities
  • entrance- and exit-page
  • duration of your visit
  • first or recurrent visit

We use PIWIK for this purpose. You may object tracking by PIWIK following this link: Object PIWIK

Contact Form

We only collect those data being actively provided by you. To handel your requests effectively, we ask for the following information mandatoryly:

  • email address
  • subject
  • your message

Voluntarily you may provide us with the following information:

  • your name
  • Data are collected automatically. You may prevent analytical- and statistical data from being collecetd by adjusting your browser settings ("Do-Not-Track").
  • For certain services we use Cookies. They are only used for temporarily identifying your browser.

Only data, that is actively provided by you, will be collected. Clicking "Submit" will transerf your data to our services; we do not collect your data beforehand.

Your data is only processed to run, maintain, develop and secure our services.

Your data is only processed as necessary with regards to your individual request.

  • We do not transfer your data to third parties, principally.
  • We may transfer your data to public authorities or specialized third party services if necessary for legal proceedings or securing our services.
  • We may transfer your data to respective public authorities, if and so far we are legally obliged to.

You may ask for all data, that we structurally process.

In case we unexpectedly process false data, you may ask for correction.

In case we unexpectedly process data that is no longer necessary with regards to its purpose, you may ask for deletion.

You may preemptively object the processing of your data for advertising purposes.

In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us
Rue de la Science 14
1040 Brussels, Belgium
Email: privacyscope-europeeu
Phone: +49-(0)30-30878099-0

Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our website. We take the security and protection of your data very seriously. We designed our website as well as our business processes in accordance to our principles to reduce the amount of data collected and processed to a minimum. The following privacy policy explains which of your data are collected and processed during your visit of our website.

Personal data

Personal data, such as name, address, phone number or email address, are not collected, unless given to us voluntarily, e.g. by communicating with us. We will process these data only within the purposes for which they are given to us.

Default data

By using web services like websites, certain data are generated and collected by default, e.g. your IP address. Based on that, other data – e.g. the operating system on your device or the browser used to access the website – are generated as well. These data will only be processed for purposes of performance, security and improvement of our web services. If permitted by the law, these data are deleted automatically after seven days.


We use “cookies” on our website to improve the performance of the website during your visit. If you do not want us to use cookies you can change the respective settings in the settings menu of your browser. In the settings menu, you can also choose to be informed about every usage of cookies by a website.


This website uses PIWIK to analyse the use of the website. Your IP address is shortened (last two bytes) before collection, so that all information is anonymous. Additionally we respect the so-called "Do-Not-Track" header. If you like to object this anonymous tracking, you can object PIWIK.

Further information

For further questions, please contact us either by email (privacyscope-europeeu) or by any other means stated in our imprint. In this context, we also fulfill our obligations with regards to your right of information.