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A Deal on the Digital Services Act

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April 2022 brought up a deal on another major proposal under the EU’s digital policy umbrella.

Following a long negotiation, European institutions reached a highly anticipated agreement on the Digital Services Act (DSA), which was tabled by the European Commission back in 2020.

The framework put forward by the DSA seeks to enhance transparency and accountability, providing stronger protection for internet users against harmful and illegal content. Reaching such a deal represents another important step on the EU’s path towards the materialization of a fair digital transition.  

Codes of conduct were introduced in the proposal, particularly in the context of systemic risk assessment and subsequent mitigation measures for those classified as “very large” online platforms.

Currently, it is expected that 20 to 30 platforms will be included in the so-called “very large” category. Despite the relatively small number of stakeholders, not only their combined, but even their individual reach is simply massive. Against this background, codes of conduct can play a crucial role to promote alignment on robust technical and organization measures and generally optimize regulatory implementation.

To read the Press Release issued by the European Commission, click here.