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Across The Cloud second episode with Dr. Thomas Nietsch of K&L Gates

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The second episode of the “Across The Cloud” series is now live. For each interview, we invite the EU Cloud CoC members to discuss how the co-regulatory initiative is consistently increasing transparency in the cloud sector and go into more detail about challenges being tackled.

Our next guest is Dr. Thomas Nietsch, who is not only a data protection expert but also a partner and representative of our supporting member K&L gates. Yet Dr. Nietsch has taken on an additional crucial role within the Code development as he is the co-chairman of the third country module. Thus, we were intrigued to hear his opinion on the current situation of international data transfers and the potential outcomes. Dr. Nietsch made the following remark during an engaging discussion on the legal benefits of codes of conduct regarding international transfers from a legal standpoint:

The benefit is ultimately for the customers of the service providers because they are the ones under strict obligations under the GDPR. The cloud service providers reside mostly outside the EU, while the customers are within the EU and are the data exporters who have to meet quite high requirements.”

Check out the full video here: