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PRESS RELEASE: IBM declares its services adherent to the EU Cloud CoC

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Brussels, 27 June 2023 – After successfully completing its adherence journey, IBM has achieved the level 2 EU Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC) compliance mark, reaffirming the company’s ongoing efforts to increase transparency and trust in the processing of personal data.

The EU Cloud CoC has been instrumental in aligning the cloud sector with rigorous technical and organizational measures for effective GDPR implementation. Apart from serving as evidence of GDPR compliance for cloud service providers, this unique tool is a significant safeguard for cloud users across the EU.

We have witnessed a steady increase in the number of services adhering to the Code, reaching nearly 1300. The overall expansion of adhering services plays a pivotal role in supporting the flourishing of the digital economy since it promotes the wider availability of trustworthy services.

IBM was one of the first EU Cloud CoC supporters as they adhered services to the Code before it was approved by the European Data Protection Authorities. Today, we are pleased to announce that IBM has officially received the level 2 compliance mark, thus reaching a new milestone. By adhering to the EU Cloud CoC, companies like IBM can effectively, consistently, and transparently exhibit their dedication to upholding GDPR compliance.

Reacting to the EU Cloud CoC adherence, Christina Montgomery, Vice President and Chief Privacy & Trust Officer for IBM, stated

Our ongoing mission at IBM is to maintain the trust that our European business customers have placed in us for more than 100 years by building open, transparent, and explainable privacy practices into everything we do. Achieving the EU Cloud Code of Conduct’s level 2 compliance mark is tangible evidence of IBM’s steadfast commitment to the GDPR and to maintaining the highest ethical standards across our cloud services.” 

Addressing the adherence of IBM, Gabriela Mercuri, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

By adhering to the EU Cloud CoC, companies like IBM can effectively and consistently demonstrate their efforts to uphold GDPR compliance in a transparent manner. Against this background, I’m thrilled to see another key representative of the cloud industry adhering to the Code and enabling the harmonization of robust data protection standards across the EU.”

You can view the public report with the list of adherent services here.