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Interview with Dr. Carlo Piltz on the data protection landscape, the role of codes of conduct, and complaints committees

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Given the challenges that businesses operating within the EU face when it comes to navigating GDPR, we initiated a discussion with Dr. Carlo Piltz, a distinguished expert in the domains of data protection and IT security.

The EU Cloud CoC has emerged as a benchmark for robust data protection in the realm of cloud services. To ensure the ongoing development of this compliance tool, we consider it essential to remain informed of emerging regulatory advancements and engage in discussions with GDPR experts. That's why we sat down with with Dr. Carlo Pilts, a distinguished lawyer, partner, and valued member of the compliance committee for the EU Cloud CoC.

Dr. Piltz's knowledge aligns perfectly with the current discussion on firsthand encounters with GDPR implementation, addressing the combination of high expectations and underwhelming results.

Moreover, Dr. Piltz's expertise encompasses discussions on resignation and viable alternatives that strike a balance between the interests of motivated industry stakeholders and the protection of data subjects.

Watch the  full interview here: