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Legal Certainty Through Codes of Conduct?

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To all our German readers looking to get an insightful overview on the role of codes of conduct in the cloud environment, make sure you check this out.

SCOPE Europe’s Managing Director, Jörn Wittman, alongside Gregor Haidenthaler, Partner at Hochleitner Rechtsanwälte GmbH, have published a highly interesting article at the German IT-Compliance review MMR Zeitschrift für IT-Recht und Recht der Digitalisierung.

Against the background of the approval of two codes of conduct pursuant Article 40 GDPR, the piece discusses how this tool can significantly contribute to the fostering of legal certainty in the cloud privacy environment.

Given the fact that the extent of the proof of compliance is a direct product of a Code’s content, scope, as well as its specific monitoring design, the authors explore the impact of such diversity when it comes to minimizing legal uncertainties and risks.

In this context, the article reveals the importance of making parallels between different approaches. Such exercise allows cloud users to identify contrasts and make the most suited choice when it comes to their specific business model.

To read the full article, click here.