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On Friday, October 1st, @ 18:00 CET, Schellman, one of our newest supporting members, is hosting a webinar on the EU Cloud CoC

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SCOPE Europe’s Head of Monitoring, Auditing, & Legal Affairs, Frank Ingenrieth, alongside our Head of Operations & Director Public Policy, Laura Wiesenfeld, will be joining Debbie Zaller, Managing Principal at Schellman, to discuss the unique capacity of the EU Cloud CoC to optimize day-to-day compliance exercises for both cloud users and providers.

This webinar is ideal for those who wish to be introduced to the EU Cloud CoC and properly understand its added value for all stakeholders involved. In this context, the discussion will be tackling how this instrument is largely impacting the international privacy community and providing crucial benefits in terms of cost, flexibility, efficiency, security, and scalability.

Additionally, speakers will walk you through the adherence process, besides exploring how does the Code interacts and leverages other compliance efforts – e.g., international standards, third party certifications and audits –, allowing companies to maintain a comprehensive and yet coherent privacy program.  

Shall you not be available to join live, we’ve got good news, the event will be recorded, so make sure you register through the link below and get the replay. 

For registration, click here!

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