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On Tuesday, June 28, IAPP Virtual Tokyo KnowledgeNet is hosting a webinar on the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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SCOPE Europe’s Director Compliance Advisory & Manager Public Policy, Claudia Desbrières, will be taking the stage to discuss the unique capacity of the EU Cloud Code of CoC to optimize day-to-day compliance exercises for both cloud users and providers.

The webinar is ideal if you wish to be introduced to codes of conduct under the GDPR and understand how those tools can support daily compliance exercises while generally fostering trust and harmonization throughout the cloud sector.

Besides generally introducing the EU Cloud CoC, this webinar will cover elements such as how to best utilize the benefits of GDPR compliance tools, i.e., codes of conduct. In this context, the audience will also be able to get first-hand insights on the process of declaring adherence and learn about how the Code leverages existing compliance efforts - for example, international standards, certifications, and third-party audits - enabling companies to maintain a comprehensive and consistent privacy program. 

For further information and registration, click here.