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PRESS RELEASE: Cloudflare adheres services to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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Brussels, 30 March 2023– The EU Cloud CoC General Assembly is thrilled to announce that Cloudflare has declared services adherent to the Code. Demonstrating GDPR compliance is a vital step to foster trust in cloud services and the EU Cloud CoC is a key instrument within this context.

As we are about to enter the sixth year of GDPR implementation, it is simply imperative to have robust technical and organizational measures to ensure cloud compliance. Against this backdrop, the EU Cloud CoC has been playing a fundamental role for service providers and users. 

With a universal approach that allows service providers from all cloud layers to sign up, the EU Cloud CoC is significantly increasing harmonization across the cloud industry while largely facilitating risk assessments by European cloud users.

By adhering to the Code, Cloudflare demonstrates its commitment to ensuring safe and transparent data processing, thus enabling their customers      to confidently           rely on Cloudflare      services. Such a step is vital for European businesses to fully leverage the benefits of cloud computing, while leaving room to innovate and grow. 

Reacting to the adherence,  Cloudflare’s Chief Privacy Officer, Emily Hancock stated:

Privacy and the protection of personal data are at the heart of everything we do at Cloudflare. That's why we're proud to complete our assessment journey by receiving the EU Cloud Code of Conduct compliance mark. Declaring our services adherent to the code is an important step in our commitment to build and maintain trust across all our cloud services, and in doing so helping to build a better Internet."

Addressing Cloudflare’s adherence, Gabriela Mercuri, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

As SCOPE Europe, we firmly believe that a trusted cloud is the driving force behind a successful digital transition in the EU. Since its approval, the EU Cloud CoC has been a key instrument for bringing us closer to our goal of fostering transparency and accountability in the cloud environment. In this spirit, it is great to welcome Cloudflare as the newest addition within our public register of adherent services."