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PRESS RELEASE: Fabasoft is the first company to reach the highest compliance level available while declaring adherence to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct.

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Brussels, 20 May 2021 – Giving the solid and long-lasting commitment to uphold outstanding data protection standards, Fabasoft has managed to be the first company to achieve the Third Level of Compliance at their EU Cloud CoC Declaration of Adherence.

Digitization flourishes on the basis of constant innovation and having an efficient regulatory landscape is an integral part of this. Codes of Conduct, when drafted as a product of meaningful exchanges between regulators and the industry, are efficient and unique tools to solve several privacy and data protection related issues, while securing the necessary room for companies to continuously innovate and grow.

First transnational tool tackling all service layers to be officially approved by the Data Protection Authorities, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct puts forward a comprehensive and reliable framework which secures the protection of European data subjects and, at the same time, creates an innovation-friendly ecosystem, which is indispensable for the industry to thrive.

Fabasoft has been an active supporter throughout the whole development of the EU Cloud CoC, contributing significantly to the consolidation of this unparalleled initiative. This solid collaboration resulted in a final instrument that fosters trust and cohesion within the cloud industry while ensuring the enforcement of European data protection standards.

Giving this background, we are proud to announce the adherence of Fabasoft to the EU Cloud CoC at its highest of compliance, Level 3. Security and transparency are absolute priorities for Fabasoft, which is clearly reflected in Fabasoft’s commitment to building a trustworthy environment for the European cloud computing community.

Addressing their adherence, Helmut Fallmann, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Fabasoft and Co-Chair of the EU Cloud CoC’s General Assembly, stated:

Fabasoft strongly supports initiatives that are able to foment innovative solutions to the industry while reassuring high levels of data protection. The EU Cloud CoC has the extraordinary potential to concomitantly achieve those goals and we are proud to be part of this powerful endeavor.

Reacting to Fabasoft’s adherence, Jörn Wittmann, SCOPE Europe’s Managing Director, said:

The adherence of Fabasoft shows that the sector-oriented approach of the EU Cloud CoC significantly reduces multiple barriers, particularly for SMEs, which leads to larger market adoption and consequently to the enforcement of European data protection standards. Fabasoft were always keen to support the upholding of high data protection standards, no wonder they have successfully reached third level compliance.


About EU Cloud CoC

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct is an approved and fully legally operational Code of Conduct pursuant to Article 40 GDPR. Defining clear requirements for Cloud Service Providers to implement Article 28 GDPR, the Code covers all cloud service layers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS), has its compliance overseen by an accredited monitoring body, and represents the vast majority of the European cloud industry market share.

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