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PRESS RELEASE: Figma joins the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly

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Brussels, 15 February 2022 – Continuously advancing towards ample sectoral cohesion on GDPR implementation, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly is proud to welcome Figma as its newest member.

Since its approval in May 2021, the EU Cloud CoC has continually grown while always prioritizing the fostering of trust and alignment throughout all cloud service layers. The Code has been fulfilling a crucial role when it comes to securing transparency and accountability, optimizing GDPR implementation and accelerating the necessary expansion of cloud adoption in Europe.

Thrilled to welcome Figma onboard, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly considers this to be a vital addition, which creates further harmonization even within the most dynamic segments of the market, such as the SaaS environment.

Given the ever-transforming nature of cloud computing – which makes this technology a major driver of digitalization – the Code is a key enabler of sectoral consistency. Building such cohesion is indispensable to consolidate an efficient set of technical and organizational measures that guarantees high data protection levels without jeopardizing the unparalleled innovative potential of the industry.  

Reacting to the membership, Dev AkhaweFigma’s Director of Securitystated:

Figma is proud to join the EU Cloud CoC. This pioneering initiative recognizes that transparency and industry-wide accountability are essential to user trust, particularly as more products and services move into the cloud. We look forward to working with fellow EU Cloud CoC members to deepen our shared commitment to user privacy and security throughout the cloud ecosystem.”

Addressing the membership of Figma, Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

As SCOPE Europe, we are proud to witness the continuous growth and positive impact of the EU Cloud CoC.  This unique project has been materializing the core principles of GDPR on a daily basis, adding significant value to users, providers, and regulators. Figma’s membership not only attests to this but plays an important role in further enhancing the engagement of SaaS providers, which is one of the main goals of the Code.”