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PRESS RELEASE: Okta declares identity services adherent to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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Brussels, July 27, 2022 – Okta has successfully completed the EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC) Level 2 adherence process

Adherence to the EU Cloud CoC reaffirms Okta’s commitment to fostering neutrality and transparency in cloud services and promoting identity-first security for European cloud users and providers. Furthermore, it reinforces Okta’s efforts to enable “privacy-by-design” for anyone building software using identity as the foundation.

Since it became operational, the EU Cloud CoC has been playing a central role in the implementation of robust technical and organisational measures that enable the protection of countless European citizens on a daily basis. Creating such a high-quality General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance baseline is an indispensable factor to support businesses in their journey to innovate and grow.

Against this background, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly and SCOPE Europe look forward to continuously working towards ample sectoral harmonisation in GDPR implementation. Okta’s adherence represents an important step to provide users across Europe with trusted, secure and compliant cloud services.

Reacting to the company’s EU Cloud CoC adherence, Ben King, Vice President of Customer Trust, Okta stated:

At Okta, we are committed to striking the right balance between privacy and innovation in identity and access management, and most importantly, taking the right steps to build trust with our customers. Our EU Cloud Code of Conduct adherence demonstrates our commitment to secure and protect user data in line with best practices in the European regulatory landscape.”

Addressing the adherence of Okta, Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

It is thrilling to witness the development and expansion of the EU Cloud CoC while realizing the massive impact it has already achieved shortly after a year of its approval by the European Data Protection Authorities. As SCOPE Europe, we are pleased to announce  Okta’s successful adherence to the Code, which reaffirms its commitment to foment trust in cloud services and support a GDPR-compliant digital transition in Europe.”