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PRESS RELEASE: ServiceNow adheres to the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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Brussels, 26 July 2022– The EU Cloud CoC General Assembly is pleased to announce that SeviceNow has successfully concluded their adherence process. As we reach the first anniversary of the Code’s approval, ServiceNow’s adherence amplifies harmonization throughout the cloud industry, reinforcing the added value of this unparalleled initiative to cloud users and data subjects across the EU.

Covering the full spectrum of cloud services, the EU Cloud CoC has been playing a crucial role for GDPR implementation within the cloud industry while providing the necessary transparency to enable cloud users to fulfil their compliance obligations.  

Since its establishment, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly has been consistently working to build a powerful trustworthy community and allow businesses to safely harvest the multiple advantages cloud computing can offer. Against this background, expanding the list of adherent services has a crucial impact for the materialization of the EU digital transformation.

As one of the fastest-growing software providers today, ServiceNow is widely recognized for putting forward innovative solutions to optimize business operations. Such know-how alongside a strong commitment to the upholding of robust data protection standards are reflected is their membership and successful adherence to the EU Cloud CoC.

Having ServiceNow onboard represents a great addition to the EU Cloud CoC ecosystem and will certainly contribute to the continuous fostering of trust and accountability within the cloud sector.  

Reacting to the adherence, Mark Cockerill, VP, Legal - Corporate, Securities, M&A and International Development at ServiceNow, stated:

ServiceNow’s adherence to the EU Cloud CoC speaks to our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest privacy and security standards. We are thrilled to be a part of the continuous growth of the EU Cloud CoC, which we believe plays a significant role for the international cloud community”.  

Addressing ServiceNow’s adherence, Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

We are proud to announce the adherence of ServiceNow and excited to welcome a member whose commitment to promote workable and innovative solutions for the market highly matches the core values of this initiative. This addition fosters cohesion within the cloud industry, solidifying best practices and significantly increasing trust for cloud users across Europe”.