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PRESS RELEASE: Temenos becomes a member of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct General Assembly

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The EU Cloud CoC General Assembly welcomes Temenos as its newest member and further strengthens the cloud industry’s alignment under robust data protection standards.

With the continuous growth and diversification of its membership, the EU Cloud Code of Conduct is increasingly helping providers in their journey to build strong compliance programs, while supporting users to make well-informed decisions.

The cloud is a major digitalization driver, therefore the broad and rigorous GDPR implementation all through this industry is indispensable. Such harmonization plays a crucial role in the overall optimization of compliance since, as a foundation technology, cloud computing is a key enabler of innovation and growth throughout multiple sectors of the EU economy.

Temenos’ membership will contribute to building cohesion within the cloud industry but will also foster stronger synergies with the banking sector – which is at the forefront of digital transformation. This addition is therefore an important development for intra as well as cross-sector alignment on effective privacy practices in Europe and beyond.

Addressing the membership, Andrew Reeves, Managing Director SaaS Business office, stated:

We see a strong acceleration of cloud in banking, and we believe that the EU Cloud CoC is an excellent tool to foster transparency and accountability throughout the cloud sector.  We are thrilled to join this initiative and confident that such step reinforces our firm commitment to transparently communicate how our compliance obligations are met. We look forward to contributing to the work of the General Assembly and to the further dissemination of the Code in the banking industry and its values.”

Commenting on Temenos’ membership, Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

As SCOPE Europe, we are delighted to experience the growth of the EU Cloud CoC as well as the diversification of its membership. Welcoming Temenos is another crucial step for the Code’s development and amplifies important synergies with the banking sector. Against this background, we highly look forward to continually expand this trustworthy ecosystem and help solidifying GDPR principles on a day-to-day basis.”

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