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The EU Cloud CoC is a part of the Cisco Cloud Controls Framework (CCF)

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Alongside standards such as ISO IEC 27001, SOC 2®, C5 and the ENS, the EU Cloud CoC has been included into Cisco’s framework.

Cisco’s now publicly available CCF gathers several key internationally recognized frameworks and certifications into a practical tool that can largely help stakeholders optimize their daily compliance efforts.

The instrument provides a comprehensive and well-rounded set of controls where the EU Cloud CoC plays a crucial role when it comes to GDPR compliance. Such development further attests to the substantial impact of the Code in the harmonization of best practices across the entire cloud sector.  

The EU Cloud CoC community is thrilled to observe another testimony of its increasing added value to several stakeholders and looks forward to working continuously for the optimization of cloud compliance.

To learn more about the CCF, which is not only publicly available but also free of charge, click here.