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We're excited to announce that the EU Cloud CoC's Third Country Transfers Module has won the 2023 IAPP Privacy Innovation Award!

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With this award, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) celebrates innovative ideas and groundbreaking achievements in the field of Privacy. Against this backdrop, EU Cloud CoC Members and SCOPE Europe are very grateful for the meaningful recognition of its efforts to develop a robust framework to secure personal data transfers beyond the EU.

The need for more alternatives when it comes to stringent transfer mechanisms between the EU and third countries arose from the pivotal “Schrems II” ruling of the European Court of Justice. In this context and with the aim of creating a cloud-specific safeguard for  personal data transfers to third countries in accordance with the GDPR, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly developed the Module, which is currently open for public consultation.

Achievements such as the IAPP Privacy Innovation Awards not only celebrate the notable advancements in the field of Privacy, but also help the dissemination of state-of-the-art solutions throughout  the wider digital community.

We would like to thank our co-chairs, Jelena Kljujic, EMEA Privacy Officer at Cisco, and Dr. Thomas Nietsch, Partner at K&L Gates, for their extraordinary and inspiring contribution to the initiative.

Addressing this notable recognition, Dr. Thomas Nietsch states:

We at K&L Gates believe in innovative cloud solutions which at the same time provide for a high level of security for its users, especially in challenging privacy compliance scenarios. This was our key motivation when joining the EU Cloud Code of Conduct 3rd Country Transfer module initiative as supporting member and we are proud of the results we have achieved so far. It is great to see and a big honor that IAPP shares this passion and has given the IAPP Privacy Innovation Award to the 3rd Country Transfer Module. A big thank you and congrats to all stakeholders, members and supporters. We hope this award will help us to find broad acceptance for the module.

Jelena Kljujic adds:

Scalable cross-border data transfers have become essential to economic prosperity. The EU Cloud CoC Transfer Module is built to offer the legal certainty that data transfers need to realize their full potential while putting fundamental rights and freedoms at the forefront. It is such an honor for our work to receive the IAPP Innovation Award as it reflects Cisco's long standing dedication to drive accountable data protection initiatives.

For those who are interested to learn more about the Module, its first draft has been published and it is currently open for public consultation. In this regard, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly kindly invites all interested stakeholders to provide feedback to the Module. For further details, click here.


Read more about the Award on the IAPP website.