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Year in Review: Celebrating Achievements and Growth in 2023

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As we bid farewell to 2023 at SCOPE Europe and the EU Cloud CoC, we reflect on the achievements and events of the past year. This year has been marked by significant milestones and collaborative endeavors that have shaped our journey toward a more secure and compliant digital landscape!

A Year of Adherence and Recognition

Amidst the ever-evolving digital realm, we witnessed a continuous growth in services adhering to the EU Cloud CoC and acquiring its Compliance Mark. This collective commitment to upholding stringent data protection standards reflects the increasing awareness and importance placed on safeguarding user privacy and fostering trust in the digital sphere, ensuring GDPR compliance. Check the Code’s Public Register

IAPP Award for Third Country Transfers Module  

The highlight of our achievements this year was definitely the recognition of the EU Cloud CoC's Third Country Transfers Module securing the esteemed 2023 IAPP Privacy Innovation Award. This recognition not only honours the joint dedication of the Code’s members and Secretariat to innovative data protection solutions, but also amplifies our commitment to expanding the Code and securing personal data transfers beyond the EU. Read More

Data Pro Code Operational in the Netherlands

Acknowledging another significant achievement, in March 2023, SCOPE Europe attained its second accreditation, this time to monitor a national code of conduct in the Netherlands, the Data Pro Code. This milestone reflects our continuous journey toward supporting effective co-regulation and aiding other code owners in establishing appropriate monitoring schemes. This endeavor also reflects SCOPE Europe’s goals of supporting compliance solutions for micro, small and medium enterprises. Read More

Public Procurement Success Stories

Celebrating success stories, CISCO’s Webex, adherent to the EU Cloud CoC, was granted a CJEU public procurement contract, receiving a positive EDPS decision. It’s thrilling to witness a Code adherent service achieve success in the realm of public procurement. Read More

Harmonizing GDPR Compliance: A Pivotal Collaboration with CSA

A standout announcement towards the end of 2023 was the collaboration between the EU Cloud CoC and the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), which will certainly be a highlight of 2024 as it becomes operational. This partnership, which aims to enhance trust in the cloud, provides the CSA community access to the EU Cloud CoC via a dedicated framework, and by that, fosters the dissemination of robust compliance practices. Learn  More 

Embracing 2024: A Year of Promising Developments

As we turn our gaze toward 2024, a crucial year for the EU digital regulatory landscape, we eagerly anticipate developments in the AI and Data acts. We look forward to contributing to the GDPR review, continuing to champion robust privacy standards through co-regulation, and welcoming more companies into the EU Cloud CoC community. 2024 will certainly host crucial discussions in the sphere of co-regulation and SCOPE Europe’s team is eager to continuously support the development and implementation of effective industry standards. To stay updated on SCOPE Europe's journey, tune in for our webinar on the EU Cloud CoC or catch us at the first event of the year: the IAPP 2024 UK conference!

Here's to a year of progress, partnership, and continuous dedication to shaping the future of data protection. Onward to 2024!

SCOPE Europe Team