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Cloudflare is now a member of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct General Assembly

SCOPE EuropeEU Cloud CoCFull MemberPress Release

It is a thrill to welcome Cloudflare, Inc. and expand the unique ecosystem that is the EU Cloud CoC. As we reach the one-year anniversary of the Code’s approval, Cloudflare’s membership significantly increases the impact of this initiative, solidifying robust GDPR implementation across the entire cloud industry.

Today, solely a year after its approval, it is remarkable to observe the reach and added value of the EU Cloud CoC for both the cloud and privacy communities. Covering the vast majority of the European market share across all cloud service layers (XaaS), the Code is largely contributing to the harmonization of technical and organizational measures and ensuring the protection of hundreds of millions of data subjects.

Forging streamlined procedures while enhancing accountability and transparency, this forefront initiative is materializing several of the core objectives sought by GDPR. Against this background, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly is beyond excited to have Cloudflare as its newest member and is confident this step will meaningfully support the continuous development of robust and innovative compliance solutions for the industry.

With an outstanding global network and a strong commitment to the upholding of high data protection standards, Cloudflare adds substantial value to the EU Cloud CoC ecosystem. This addition fosters sectoral cohesion and creates the necessary trust to boost cloud adoption with a major focus on cybersecurity preparedness throughout the EU.

Reacting to the membership, Cloudflare’s Chief Privacy Officer, Emily Hancock,, stated:

As Cloudflare, we firmly believe in the importance of building trust to enable the broad dissemination of cloud services. The EU Cloud CoC is playing a central role in the fostering of efficient regulatory frameworks and in the general optimization of privacy practices worldwide. We are thrilled to join and contribute to this tremendous effort, amplify best practices, and ensure rigorous GDPR compliance”. 

Addressing the membership of Cloudflare, Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, said:

Having Cloudflare onboard is a major development not only for the cloud industry, but more broadly for the consolidation of codes of conduct as effective solutions within the data protection landscape. The work of the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly will largely benefit from this expansion and, as SCOPE Europe, we highly look forward to seeing the outcomes of this collaboration unfold”.




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