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PRESS RELEASE: HubSpot joins the EU Cloud Code of Conduct

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Brussels, 23 January 2024 – HubSpot becomes member of the EU Cloud CoC, showcasing its dedication to robust data protection practices and GDPR compliance.

The EU Cloud Code of Conduct (EU Cloud CoC) provides a comprehensive framework to ensure adherence to the highest standards of data protection within the cloud industry. Since its approval by European data protection authorities in 2021, the EU Cloud CoC has pioneered the tangible benefits of codes of conduct in the cloud environment.

As the leading customer platform for scaling businesses, HubSpot recognizes the pivotal role of data protection practices in delivering secure and reliable services. By joining the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly, HubSpot contributes to the collective effort of promoting solutions to the cloud while actively advancing the harmonization of best practices across the cloud market.

This new addition to the EU Cloud CoC’s ecosystem not only enlarges and enriches the community, but also marks a significant step towards building a more secure, transparent, and compliant cloud ecosystem. Against this backdrop, HubSpot's membership underscores its commitment to contributing to the ongoing evolution of data protection standards that supports the shaping of a trusted future for the cloud.

Addressing the membership, Nicholas Knoop, HubSpot’s Data Protection Officer, stated:

At HubSpot, we’re committed to protecting our customer’s data and building trust in our cloud services. The EU Cloud CoC demonstrates transparency and accountability in data management, playing a key role in advancing privacy protection globally. We’re thrilled to contribute to the General Assembly, driving best practices and maintaining GDPR compliance as HubSpot and our customers continue to grow and innovate.

Gabriela Mercuri, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, added:

As SCOPE Europe, we are thrilled to witness the continuous dissemination of the EU Cloud CoC as a key enabler of trust across the cloud environment. Welcoming HubSpot to the Code’s General Assembly, attests to the robust growth trajectory of this initiative and its unique potential to boost the uptake of cloud services in the EU.