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PRESS RELEASE: Cisco ThousandEyes Earns Highest Trust with Level 3 EU Cloud CoC Compliance Mark

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Brussels, 21 May 2024 – Cisco ThousandEyes has achieved Level 3 compliance after thorough third-party verification of all EU Cloud Code of Conduct (CoC) controls.

In the dynamic realm of cloud computing, where robust and forward-looking regulatory frameworks are indispensable, codes of conduct have emerged as potent tools in response to the critical need for effective solutions in data protection. In this context, the EU Cloud CoC stands as a European Data Protection Board (EDPB) endorsed and legally operational transnational code specifically covering the cloud sector. The Code's General Assembly is pleased to witness its widespread adoption, affirming its status as a trusted market standard for GDPR compliance in the cloud.

Cisco ThousandEyes' Level 3 adherence marks a significant milestone, showcasing a commitment to implementing available safeguards for GDPR compliance. As part of Cisco's broader efforts to protect user privacy and ensure the proper processing of personal data, including sensitive information, this achievement reinforces the dedication of both ThousandEyes and Cisco to fostering trust and transparency toward their customer base.

While each level of the EU Cloud CoC provides evidence of compliance, achieving Level 3 signifies a service provider has chosen to implement every additional safeguard available under the framework of the EU Cloud CoC. Cisco, through ThousandEyes, continues to demonstrate compliance at the highest tier, reflecting its ongoing efforts to transparency and appropriate data processing practices.

Reactions to the News:  Harvey Jang, Cisco Vice President, Deputy General Counsel, and Chief Privacy Officer expressed,

We are proud to have achieved Level 3 adherence for ThousandEyes, as the second Cisco cloud offer to do so after Webex. Independent, third-party verification of our privacy and security posture goes a long way in building trust with our customers and stakeholders.

Gabriela Mercuri, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, added,

Witnessing yet another platform demonstrate its commitment to the highest data protection standards reinforces the suitability of the EU Cloud CoC’s framework and the importance of our mission at SCOPE Europe to promote trust and transparency in today's complex regulatory environment.

About Cisco ThousandEyes:

With the only collectively powered view of the Internet, Cisco ThousandEyes enables enterprises to see, understand, and take action to deliver excellent digital experiences for everyone, across any network. ThousandEyes Digital Experience Assurance combines a holistic view of end-to-end service delivery, collective and proactive intelligence, and automated workflows across a connected ecosystem—giving enterprises the ability to operate faster and more effectively deliver digital excellence.