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PRESS RELEASE: Webex by Cisco upgrades its EU Cloud CoC adherence to Level 3

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Brussels, 29 June 2023 – Cisco becomes the second company to earn the level 3 compliance mark, after providing an on-top third-party verification of all EU Cloud CoC controls.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, having efficient and future-proof regulatory frameworks is simply crucial. As a result of the acknowledgement of this need for effective solutions also in the field of data protection, codes of conduct have emerged as powerful tools. In this regard, the EU Cloud CoC General Assembly is proud to witness the Code’s dissemination, which testifies to its consolidation as a trusted market standard for GDPR compliance in the cloud.

Yearly adherence renewals to the Code ensure that companies stay true to their commitment. Moreover, given the rapid pace of innovation, the purpose of the rigorous monitoring framework is also to ensure the harmonization of robust technical and organizational measures within a highly innovative and increasingly regulated environment. 

Although every level of the EU Cloud CoC legally provides sufficient proof of compliance, attaining level 3 displays the service provider’s commitment to implementing extra safeguards, which – following GDPR’s risk-based approach – can be particularly relevant for some processing activities. In addition to successfully renewing its adherence, Cisco has elevated Webex’s compliance level to the highest tier, which attests to their strong efforts to demonstrate appropriate and transparent data processing practices.

Addressing this achievement Harvey Jang, Vice President, Chief Privacy Officer at Cisco: 

Webex by Cisco is the first collaboration platform to achieve EU Cloud Code of Conduct level 3 compliance – its highest level. Customers around the world can trust that Webex adheres to stringent, internationally recognized privacy and security standards while delivering exceptional hybrid work solutions.”

Gabriela Mercuri, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, added:

As we embark on the third year following the approval of the EU Cloud CoC, it brings great joy to all stakeholders involved to witness the Code’s increasing impact on GDPR implementation across every layer of the cloud ecosystem. Cisco Webex’s level 3 compliance also testifies to the added value of a multi-level adherence approach, which allows the harmonization of technical and organizational measures while still providing the necessary flexibility that an industry composed by highly diverse services need.”

You can view the public report with the list of adherent services here.