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Webinar series: “Codes of Conduct: Building a Trustworthy Framework for International Data Transfers Post Schrems II”

On this page you will be informed about everything concerning our Webinar Series. You will find news about the following episodes as well as the recordings of the episodes that have already taken place. 

If you are interested and would like to register for the entire webinar or just the next episode, please fill in our: 

We look forward to your participation in all upcoming episodes! 


Webinar series: “Codes of Conduct: Building a Trustworthy Framework for International Data Transfers Post Schrems II”

We are excited to present our webinar series on “Codes of conduct: Building a Trustworthy Framework for International Data Transfers Post Schrems II”.

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Summary and recordings of past episodes

Webinar Series Kick-Off: "Implementing Codes of Conduct - Sharing Practical Experiences in Co-Regulation for Third Country Transfers post Schrems II"

Our first episode brought to the table a vital discussion on the unique potential of Codes of Conduct to tackle third country transfer related issues. Representing K&L Gates, Dr. Thomas Nietsch led us through the webinar and opened the debate giving a solid overview of the legal challenges imposed by Schrems II and the alternative instruments to address the issue.  

Building upon the insights provided by Nietsch, Jörn Wittmann, Managing Director of SCOPE Europe, elaborated on the following questions:

  • What is the role and added value of Codes of Conduct under the GDPR?
  • What is the relation between the EU Cloud CoC and the Third Country Transfer Initiative and how can the latter contribute to the optimization of international data transfers under the GDPR?

Nathaly Rey, Head of EMEA Data Governance, Public Policy & Government Relations, Google Cloud, added some crucial elements to the debate by answering to:

  • How did Schrems II impacted the cloud industry?
  • What is Google Cloud’s approach to navigate through the post Schrems II landscape?
  • How Codes of Conduct can contribute to the  from a cloud provider perspective?

If you want to get bright answers to these questions, you’re invited to watch the recording! 

Webinar Series EPISODE 2: “Codes of Conduct - Management Systems for International Data Transfers: Safeguarding GDPR Compliance and Mitigating Risks”

The second episode of our Webinar Series, this time co-hosted by TrustArc, took place on the 31st of March, and put forward an extremely insightful expert discussion on how to practically design and implement an efficient compliance mechanism for international data transfers post Schrems II.

Paul Breitbarth (Director of EU Operations & Strategy at TrustArc + Nymity) alongside Rebekka Weiß (Head of Trust & Security at Bitkom), discussed some of the core elements required to the establishment of viable and robust frameworks to address the current scenario, specifically analyzing the role of management systems as well as the challenges to elaborate appropriate third country risk assessments.

For all those who were not able to join us, make sure you fully apprehend the exceptional contributions brought by the speakers and watch the replay!