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It’s live: You can now adhere to the EU Cloud CoC through the CSA!

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With a shared mission of supporting the dissemination of trusted cloud services, the anticipated collaboration between the EU Cloud CoC and Cloud Service Alliance (CSA) is now live.

In practice, this collaboration offers the CSA community a dedicated framework for declaring adherence to the EU Cloud CoC. From now on, CSA STAR and Corporate Members can declare adherence directly through the EU Cloud CoC platform, under specific pricing.

The collaboration is a product of abundant synergies between the two parties and their strong and longlasting commitment to best practices in compliance. While the EU Cloud CoC is a pioneer GDPR compliance tool endorsed by European data protection authorities, CSA is a global leader in the development of various IT and cyber security certifications.

Additionally, all cloud services that have successfully passed the assessment process of the Code’s monitoring body (SCOPE Europe) will have their Compliance Mark displayed in the STAR Registry.

The inclusion of the EU Cloud CoC as evidence of GDPR compliance in the STAR Registry will provide customers with a comprehensive overview of available cloud offerings and their respective commitments to robust privacy and cybersecurity safeguards. Against this backdrop, this initiative will boost the dissemination of secure cloud services by empowering cloud users to make well-informed decisions when seeking a provider.

To learn more about the collaboration and start your adherence journey through this framework,  check our dedicated page!