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You can now find your Compliance Mark in the CSA STAR Registry!

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The EU Cloud CoC and Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) have recently established a collaboration to enhance transparency and boost the dissemination of trusted cloud services.

An exciting outcome of this partnership is the integration of the EU Cloud CoC Compliance Mark into the CSA STAR Registry. This development holds immense value for adhering services as it significantly amplifies the visibility and public awareness when it comes to their GDPR compliance efforts.

In addition to the featuring of the EU Cloud CoC Compliance Mark within the CSA Registry, a  dedicated framework tailored for the CSA community to adhere to the EU Cloud CoC has been established. These developments play a crucial role in fostering accountability and the harmonization of best practices across the entire cloud environment.

Having such streamlined registries can largely support costumers in properly assessing cloud offerings and ultimately selecting the most suitable services considering their processing needs. The collaboration, therefore, provides a clear and accessible pathway for interested parties to concomitantly  verify compliance with internationally recognized data protection and cybersecurity standards.

Knowing that the technical complexity of the cloud alongside the difficulty to understand its compliance attestations can be major obstacles to the dissemination of this key technology, the EU Cloud CoC ecosystem is thrilled to join forces with the CSA to facilitate the uptake of trusted digital services.

As the collaboration continues to unfold, we look forward to continually pose solutions to minimize barriers and, by that, meaningfully increase access to the cloud. If you wish to know more about this initiative, check the dedicated page.