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Year in review: how did 2022 turn out for SCOPE Europe and EU Cloud CoC?

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This year brought many developments both on the side of the EU Cloud CoC and SCOPE Europe. While we’d like to commemorate many moments from this year, to keep it brief, we've compiled the main highlights.

The most memorable moment for the EU Cloud CoC was undoubtedly its first approval anniversary in May. Since then, the number of adherent companies and services have significantly increased. Check which companies are listed in the Public Register. As of now, more than 1250 services wear the Code's compliance mark, and we’re excited to see the number growing even higher.

An honorable mention goes to the EU Cloud CoC's successful integration into the Cisco Cloud Controls Framework.

On another note, you might have already noticed that we started to produce more interviews with EU Cloud CoC members and authority figures to discuss relevant topics for the cloud computing community. If you missed recent interviews, not to worry. You can have a look here.

We also made significantly progress with the EU Cloud CoC’s Third County Transfers Initiative, which aims to act as a Chapter V GDPR safeguard that will establish a robust framework for international data transfers. Moreover, we got the chance to discuss this initiative and other compliance aspects at many events in Europe and beyond. In this context, we can highlight major conferences organized by the IAPP, CPDP, Technology Denmark, OneTrust and more.

We were happy to also provide our expertise off the stage, for example, by responding to EDPB Consultation on the Interplay between the application of Article 3 and the provisions on international transfers as per Chapter V of the GDPR. As far as Gaia-X is concerned, our parent company, SRIW, has actively participated in several of its working groups, bringing our unique expertise in developing industry-driven tools.

Phew, that was quite the ride! What can you look forward to in year 2023? Subscribe to our newsletter to find out.